Circuit boards

All design is done in-house using CAD based pcb design software packages. Boards can be supplied single or panelised for automated component placement. With over twenty years of experience we have built up an excellent working relationship with a range of UK and overseas pcb manufacturers and can have boards delivered in as little as three days if necessary. Most of our boards now use surface mount components and we have invested in specialist surface mount pick and place equipment, stencil printing and lead free soldering equipment.

Control panels and PLC systems

There are many occasions when a company only requires one or a few control systems and the development of a custom product is not justified. In this case we can build panels using standard controllers and PLC hardware, and program the units to meet the client specification. Using this type of hardware allows almost any size of project to be undertaken. The hardware ranges from simple programmeable relays to computer based SCADA systems. We have a range of software development systems for Moeller, Omron, Crouzet etc.

Custom Product

A typical job requires working with the client to assess feasibility of design, hardware and software design, prototype production and then final product manufacture with ongoing support and development throughout the life cycle of the product. We have several customers for whom we design, manufacture and build. These products can be populated circuit boards, sub assemblies for integration into clients own equipment or complete finished systems supplied branded for client and ready to resell. As advances in technology occur we are able to advise and update their products, keeping them competitive and at the forefront of technology.


In addition to electronic and software design we have a small machine shop with cnc engraving machine, mill and lathe for production of panels and mechanical assemblies. We also work closely with several other companies and can provide rapid prototyping services, sheet metal fabrication, milling, turning and moulding to provide our clients with a one stop shop.