All our work requires some form of consultancy. The first step is an in depth discussion with the client to gain an understanding of their requirement. This may require signing non-disclosure agreements for new designs or ideas. In some cases a feasibility study is undertaken to provide the client with the technical and financial information needed to evaluate the commercial viability of their product. In other cases the design and development is part of the overall package of manufacturing a finished product.


We can provide printed circuit board design where we supply the customer with Gerber files and photo plots if required. This allows the customer to use their own pcb manufacturer. We also offer a sofware design service for embedded systems and the client will be given the software code allowing them to program flash based systems or PLCs in house. Most clients require either a brand new design or an update of an obsolete electronic system. In this case we look at the overall functionality required then propose a solution. This may either be a custom solution requiring development of circuit boards and software, or may be supplying a control system based on smart relays, PLCs, sensors and controllers. These systems usually require programming or configuration. For larger PLC installations we can provide the plc hardware and programming and our customer installs the system. Once installed we can provide the commissioning, training and on going software support.


Many of our clients require a finished product and we offer the design and development as part of the package. This saves the client the up front consultancy costs.PPrototype and medium volume production is done in house.

We also work closely with several specialist companies and can offer 3D modelling and rapid prototyping during the development stages. For production we use several high quality companies that provide engineering and sheet metal expertise using state of the art technology.